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TOCS Contact referral and risk assessment form
April 2016 (PDF)

TOCS Contact referral and risk assessment form
April 2016 (WORD.DOC)

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss individual requirements in the first instance.  A full tariff of charges can be provided upon request.

Time Out Contact Centre provides a safe, nurturing and child friendly environment which enables children to have a positive relationship with their parents, siblings and extended family members.  The service adopts a neutral stance to parental disputes and works flexibly alongside the parents to place the child’s needs and wellbeing at the centre of the process throughout.  A pre-contact meeting will take place prior to the commencement of any contact arrangements where a plan will be formulated to meet the individual needs of the child and the family situation.  The contact centre is staffed by paid employees, with the work being supported and supervised by a qualified Social Worker who is based in the centre.

Time Out Contact Centre holds advanced accreditation with the NACCC and can support contacts under private and public law, accepting referrals from CAFCASS, Local Authorities, Solicitors and also the families themselves.

The types of contact available:

Supported contact –Supported contact centres aim to provide a safe, neutral and comfortable place for children to see their non-resident parents or family.   Supported contact is suitable in cases where relationships have broken down and there is no risk to the child.  A paid staff member will be on hand to provide support and assist with contacts as required.  Families  will attend the centre for a planned period of time with a view to assisting them in moving forward with their contact arrangements.

Supervised contact - Supervised contact ensures the physical safety and emotional wellbeing of a child when risks have been identified.  It also assists in building and sustaining positive relationships between a child and members of their non-resident family. Contact sessions will be supervised by a paid and qualified member of staff and reports written.

Handover service - Handovers can take place and are set up through the normal referral process. 

Parents do not have to meet, as the handover will be done by contact centre staff and a prearranged time and day.

The contact centre can be booked on a venue only agreement, where Local Authorities provide their own supervisors and can also be hired for meetings.

Time Out Contact Centre social workers can be commissioned to undertake individual pieces of work such as conducting Parenting Assessments based on the national framework or can undertake a PAMs assessment depending on the family needs and requirements.  The contact centre is designed in such a way that lends itself to observing parenting over a longer period of time including the use of a kitchen to allow for assessment and / or guidance and intervention around healthy eating and cookery skills.