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Environmental Policy

Environment and Sustainability Policy and Procedure


Time Out Fostering is committed to reducing its impact on the environment by continuously improving the environmental performance of its operations and its workplace. Time Out Fostering has chosen an office base which recognises and addresses the issue of environmental awareness and improvement.

Time Out Fostering carries out this aim in the following ways.

1.    Implementation

•    The Directors and Manager meet quarterly to oversee the implementation of this policy and to look at new strategies.
•    The Directors and the Manager encourage all staff to adhere to this policy and to reduce office waste and unnecessary car use.
•    The Registered Manager oversees the recycling of office waste.
•    Environmental issues are discussed and respected at team meetings and in supervision.
2.    Office

•    All paper is recycled in the collection points at the Ropetackle offices.
•    All ink cartridges are collected and sent for recycling.  Office paper is also recycled paper.  
•    Wherever possible paper is reused before being recycled.
•    All electrical items are switched off and not left on standby when the office is empty.
•    Lights are only put on when necessary.
•    The office buildings have automatic windows that regulate opening to reduce heating use as well as large wooden panels on the outside of windows designed to retain heat.  
•    Lighting in toilet and wash areas automatically goes on and off on entering and leaving the rooms.

3.    Foster Carers

•    Foster Carers are encouraged and supported to prepare all records and any other written reports on their computers at home and e-mail to the office. Their supervising workers will offer support with this.
•    The Foster Carer Handbook is now assessable through a private link on the website and is been given to carers following approval

4.    Staff

•    All appropriate office communications including all invoicing are sent by email.  
•    Staff are encouraged to use public transport where possible.

5.    Transport

•    The office is within easy reach of Shoreham station. Time Out Fostering Directors and Managers promote the use of the rail and bus links.   
•    Parking is limited at the workplace encouraging users to use public transport.  

6.    Strategy

•    The Time Out Fostering Website contains information about environmental awareness.  This will be targeted at foster carers, children, young people and staff. This will be regularly updated by the Manager or Directors.
•    Time Out Fostering aims to improve energy efficiency in accordance with Government targets and commitments.  
•    Recycling points in the Rope tackle are to be extended to include other recyclable goods.  At present staff take bottles and cans to the nearest collection point in Shoreham.  




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