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Support Care

We aim in the future to specialise in support care. This means that services can be specifically structured to provide short-term foster care and support the  parents or long-term carer(s) of the children placed.

We aim to:

  • find long term solutions through support care.
  • Improve the emotional health of children and young people by offering high quality carers and therapeutic intervention.
  • promote good emotional health in permanent families by offering support care.
  • offer a sensitive matching service to meet the needs of the individual child
  • provide an ongoing training programme to enable foster carer(s) to develop the skills required to cater for the needs of the children placed.
  • ensure an integrated service with children, young people, their families and friends, carers, Social Workers, health care workers and local authorities.
  • offer a service that respects and responds to the needs of a diverse range of children and families including racial, religious, cultural and language issues.
  • provide placements that acknowledge the importance of disability, gender, special needs and sexuality.
  • promote social inclusion by preventing family breakdown and giving children positive role models and experiences through support care.
  • through support care provide a service which can respond flexibly to the difficulties families face.
  • through support care, offer an additional realistic alternative to long term foster or residential care.
  • through support care find ways to enable children and young people to stay with their current families.




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