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Time Out Fostering believes that support is an essential element of successful fostering. So we therefore offer the following:

  • 24-hour telephone support, 356 days a year.
  • A Supervising Social Worker (SSW) allocated to each family.
  • A family support worker and a supervising social worker will be available for support.
  • Regular supervision in your own home.
  • Frequent telephone calls from your SSW.
  • The SSW will support carers in working with Local Authorities and other professionals.
  • Time Out Fostering will support at meetings such as reviews.
  • Time Out Fostering will provide regular training/development work.
  • Time Out Fostering will promote an optional network of confidential support among carer(s) or group meetings.
  • Time Out Fostering will pay for Fostering Network membership.
  • The SSW will support the whole family, including birth children.
  • Time Out Fostering will encourage and provide opportunities for further career development.
  • Opportunity for feedback.
  • Extra resources for the placements.
  • Appropriate respite - 1 days paid respite for each month fostering, paid in August and February.

If you require any advice about income tax and fostering visit http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/individuals/foster-carers.htm

Or download the Foster Care Relief Document  as a PDF.



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