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Time Out Community Support

We work across Sussex.

We are based at our West Sussex contact centre at
13 South Street, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 8AE,
telephone: 01903 753404
Email: office@timeoutcommunity.co.uk

A new centre in East Sussex is under development


To assist local authorities in their duty to safeguard children in the community
To provide professional, realistic and good value assessment of parental abilities


To enable positive sustainable improvement regarding parenting skills


  • Parental ability seen in their own environment
  • Parental ability to cope with everyday stress can be monitored
  • Ability to encourage local networks
  • Local professionals continue to be involved

The Criteria for suitability

  • Parent/s do not require 24/7 supervision
  • Child not at a significantly high level of risk
  • Parent/s not presenting a high level of risk to professionals
  • Current behaviour does not include domestic violence or substance misuse, or parents are undergoing a current programme.

Our family support workers have:

  • Child Protection Training and a current Enhanced CRB check
  • Experience of fostering and/or working with families
  • Understanding of Every Child Matters Outcomes
  • Parent and Child Training including assessment, observation, supporting and record keeping skills
  • Are Supervision by a qualified social worker
  • The ability to provide appropriately detailed reports and attend meetings as required
  • A non-judgemental and flexible approach
  • Are available at various times during the week, including evenings and weekends An ability to be directive / supportive / objective as the situation requires
  • Are open, honest and good listener.
  • Can drive and can prepared to provide transportation where appropriate

Information we required from Placing Agencies

  • TOCS referral form completed
  • Copies of any previous risk assessments
  • Placement Plan / Contract of Expectations
  • Minutes of Child Protection Meetings
  • Copies of previous assessments
  • Contact details of all relevant agencies and individuals involved

Policies to be agreed

  • Lone working
  • Risk Assessment


  • Referral form outcomes
  • Targets based on outcomes identified by Social Worker
  • Daily recording based on ECM
  • Weekly summary of outcomes achieved
  • Court report

Assessment periods

  • To be discussed before assessment begins, ideally 12 weeks. Reviews and core group meetings to be arranged with Co-ordinator.
  • Pre-assessment planning meeting to decide roles of contributors to the assessment.
  • Planning and review meetings at regular intervals

Basis of Observations

  • Parents existing skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Ability to make changes as a result of learning
  • Ability to keep child safe – awareness of child safety issues
  • Ability to enable child to thrive emotionally and physically

Contributions to assessments

To be identified and planned before assessment begins, to include as appropriate:

  • Assessment carer
  • Psychological assessment
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Social Worker
  • Court
  • Psychiatric assessment
  • Health Visitor

Hours per week

To be agreed via the Contact referral and risk assessment form. Click on the preferred format and download the form:

TOCS Contact referral and risk assessment form 
April 2016 (PDF)

TOCS Contact referral and risk assessment form 
April 2016 (WORD.DOC)

Availability to offer phone advice in addition if required